MACHETE : A symbol of the depth of evil in man.

The sight of a machete sends chills down my spine, and I bet I am not alone. Yet, we encounter people carrying machetes in broad daylight — this symbol of genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

I have a video tape from ABC News showing a man chopping up a child on the roadside at the height of the genocide against Tutsi in 1994. Thinking his deed was done, he walks off, but hesitates and returns to “finish the job.”

Such savagely. Brutality to the core.

Sure there are legitimate uses for a machete. But I say, there ought to be a policy about carrying a machete in the open. Displaying a SWASTIKA is illegal in many places. This Rwandan-swastika is just as offensive and hurtful.

I say nobody has a right to inflict pain on others, especially survivors whose wounds are still healing. Just like it is a felony to shout “FIRE” in a crowded theatre, it should not be allowed to challenge the memories of those who would rather forget the lethal use of this weapon of mass destruction. It should be illegal to carry a machete in public, unless you are in the field tilling land.

I have to wonder what is going through the heads of those carrying machetes around, especially if they have unclean hands.

Nagging questions, but we ought to address them. It is part and parcel of healing, and moving forward.


One response to “MACHETE : A symbol of the depth of evil in man.

  1. In todays Rwanda, the machette carrying thugs look like the
    proverbial looser who brings a knife to a gun fight.

    They used machettes against harmless unarmed Tutsis. The
    victims can now effectively and efficiently defend themselves.
    The days of the machette are done and these blood-thirsty thugs
    know it.

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