ATTACKS ON RWANDA : There are reasons for this.

Frankly, I have had it with all the attacks and accusations being hurled at Rwanda without any evidence tabled. And then angry me, I say where in hell were these accusers in 1994 when we were being slaughtered and Rwanda reduced to killing fields?

But, on second thoughts it dawns on me that you only shoot a rising star. Decency forbids kicking a man when he is down. Hence, you don’t hear of attacks on Sudan, Malawi, Somalia, Burkinafaso, Chad — and many others — failed states, they allege.

Far from it, Rwanda is no utopia. But damn good performance in the last 18 years. We have leaked our wounds, made an attempt at forgiving each other and have moved on. The results? Zero tolerance for corruption, that old African scourge. Sound policies. A vibrant economy. And lest our enemies forget, a lean efficient and professional defense force.

So-called “Africanists” and academic researchers who wish to prescribe medicine for what allegedly ails us I say: keep your opinions to yourselves. We must not acknowledge their half-baked assessments and prescriptions. We know where we are headed and how to get there.

I am amused by all the attention President Kagame’s visits to the U.S. get. Other African leaders come and visit and go. Not a word in the press. But when President Kagame visits, people scramble to come and protest: their paid participants in tow, badly worded placards in the air, and they circulate poorly worded and absurd leaflets that state no cause for their disharmony. Then they go back to their cocoons and un-employment lines.

Such comic relief.

Did I say leave us alone? Please do. We have un-finished business at hand.


4 responses to “ATTACKS ON RWANDA : There are reasons for this.

  1. This is brilliant Willis! I am posting it on my Facebook page!


  2. I agree with you that the attacks on Rwanda are ubiquitous among ill-informed “Africanist scholars and researchers.” The success of Rwanda, easily attributable to the leadership of President Kagame defies these so called scholars and researchers deep seated beliefs in the inferiority of African leadership. That in spite of the emotional, physical, psychological impact of the devastation of Genocide against the Tutsi–a Tutsi leader would manage with efficacy to inject order into chaos and reach remarkable heights of success, pains some enormously. That should not be the case though. The Rwandan experience provides us with a context from which to draw when we are faced with dilemmas bestowed by the confluence of opposing “worlds.” Rwanda is an example and not an enigma.

  3. Good governance, our peoples global experience and intellectual capital
    have sustained us for the past eighteen years.

    Here are some of the labels associated with Africa: Its inherently incapable
    of self governence, sub-saharan Africa has one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel, Africans were better off during the colonial period etc!!

    Rwanda has defied these stereotypical labels in only eighteen years. It is
    this defience that drives our enemies crazy. Lets push the envelope and drive them to insanity.

  4. Un-substatiated..yeah, right… and Santa Claus is real…And the accusations of UN, HRW, Congolese, etc, are all fabrications to beat up on poor Rwanda…I beg to differ- and it is not the Rwandan people they rally against it is the criminal elements of the RPF…

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