I SALUTE JOYCE BANDA : Tough cookie.

Malawi’s new President, Joyce Banda is proving to be her own woman. Resolute. Tough and not afraid to make tough decisions.

See, the AU was scheduled to meet in July in Malawi. But there is one guest who President Banda said was not welcome, and she was not about to change her mind, or dilute her principles.

The President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, indicted by the ICC was not welcome to Malawi since they have chosen to honor the agreements they signed. They have a duty to arrest all indictees on the ICC wanted list.

Bashir is accused of genocide in Darfur, and he ought to be arrested to answer those charges. Other African countries without a back bone have welcomed Bashir to their capitals, thus reneging on their obligations to honor agreements and treaties they have signed. Not Malawi under Joyce Banda.

Soon after she took over office following Bingu wa Mutharika’s sudden death, Banda wasted no time in cleaning house. She fired the Police Chief accused of corruption. Next to go was the late President’s brother and Minister of Foreign Affairs who was supposed to succeed his brother through back channels. It was not to be, because Banda called them up on it and stopped all the shannanigans.

Go on Joyce. Show the world what African women are made of.


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