The other day during Happy Hour I was discussing with a couple of American friends, both white, about differences among Africans. They were curious to know if one can distinguish between nationalities and ethnicities. Overall I said you can. Africans can always point out each other on the street, and to a lesser degree be able to nail down what country they are from.

For sure, you can tell an African from an African-American, just by how differently they walk. Africans walk like they have no destination, and time is of no essence. African-Americans walk with a spring in their steps. Don’t ask me why they are always scratching their members!

Personally, I make the following observations, tongue in cheek, before anybody gets offended.

NIGERIANS :Always want to flaunt their wealth, and according to a fellow Nigerian, Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, the loudest and most obnoxious people. They wrote the book on military coups in Africa.

GHANAIANS : Usually polite and reserved. They think they invented high life music.

ETHIOPIANS: They don’t think they are Africans. When they speak, listen how they murder the Queen’s language.

CONGOLESE: Only good at music, and love pointed, ill-fitting shoes. They think good governance is simply cumbersome.

SOUTH AFRICANS: When they speak, their enunciation catches your attention. Almost melodic.

KENYANS: Like to wear bright colors and stripped shirts. Luos will always have on a jacket, no matter how hot.

SENEGALESE: Usually tall, dark and handsome. They think when De Gaulle died he bequeathed French culture to them.

BURUNDIANS: Most secretive people under the sun. They think there is no life without champagne.

SOMALIS : If you have it and they don’t, they will take it by force. Cunning and have no fear of death, especially on high seas.

I am writing this on a weekend and thought I would amuse myself.If I have offended anybody, get over it. Life is too short.


2 responses to “INSIGHT INTO AFRICANS: Tongue in cheek.

  1. For a guy who blogs on Rwanda issues, how about some self analysis.
    Let us know what you think about us.

  2. Exactly, Mujura. It’s unfair to ‘tongue-cheek’ others without searching your soul. Soul, a rare commodity for some Rwandans……Rwandese (if you are still are nostalgic about De Gaule’s tongue)

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