USA : A Flawed democracy.

Judging by the length of the campaigns in the U.S. (two years), and the amount of billions spent, one has to wonder what needs to be changed. The British on the other hand only spend six weeks campaigning.

This much is obvious : only the rich need partcipate.

In 2008, Barack Obama raised an approximate $771 million. Mitt Romney spent a cool $52 million of his own money. Conclusion : if you don’t have the funds, or not well connected, or in the pockets of corporations you don’t stand a chance.

Then, what does “government of the People, for the People” mean? Or has modern politics rendered this philosophy obsolete?

The simple truth is that when over 80% of U.S. Senators are millionaires, it follows that money has a major influence on the standard and level of democracy at play. Democracy is for sale, and that says one thing : people who live in a glass house should not throw stones.. Who are we to judge election results in other countries?

This years’ political rhetoric and tone — not to mention the racist slogans and remarks being hurled at Barack Obama — are cause for concern, and reason why there is urgent need of reform.


One response to “USA : A Flawed democracy.

  1. Well done. I share your sentiments, and feel we’re moving precariously toward a have/have-not, 3rd world economy with a small petit bourgeoisie middle class.

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