ISRAELI DEPORTATIONS OF AFRICANS :Despicable and unconscionable.

Whenever one thinks of Israel, of necessity one thinks of the historical Jewish suffering and the Holocaust that saw the annihilations of 6 million Jews.

Logically then we have all come to equate Israel with human suffering, political persecution. It is not illogical that we have then come to expect Israel to be at the forefront of fighting terror, political persecution and all forms of human suffering. Not.

Zionism has gotten the better of Israel, and corrupted the moral standing of the Jewish State.

We all remember how Israel propped up the apartheid regime in South Africa, supplying them arms and all sorts of military support to oppress black South Africans. Israel compromised its moral authority.

The current and ongoing round-up of African refugees and their deportation from Israel is deplorable. Most of these refugees are from the Darfur region in Sudan, and therefore recognized as refugees under international law. The fact that they may have entered Israel illegally is inconsequantial.

But the mere fact that they are being deported back to Sudan to face imminent death or suffering is a sad commentary on the state of politics in Israel. We expect compassion and strong moral standards from Israel. Or should we ?


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