Much has been written about the 1994 genocide against Tutsi,and much more remains to be chronicled. The loss of life, by any measure and means, must be regretted, noting that no life is more precious than the other.

But the barbaric and shocking way of how UMWAMIKAZi Rosalie Gicanda, 85, was reportedly humiliated before her death shocks the conscience beyond measure.

It begs the question : what posseses individuals to stoop to such devilish behavior?

Ildephonse NIZEYIMANA has now been convicted and sentenced to a life sentence by the ICTR for the killing of Umwamikazi Gicanda, and for extermination and murder of many other innocent souls.

Nizeyimana and Bagosora will probably compete in hell as to who is more devilish. These two men stand out as the faces of evil and all that is rotten and despicable in their attempt to wipe out those whom they loathed.

Gicanda’s regal grace and the manner in which she lived decades under trying circumstances is instructive, but it makes it all the more difficult to accept her death under hands so brutal, so starkly inhuman.


One response to “ILDEPHONSE NIZEYIMANA: Ugly face of evil.

  1. How do these god foresaken blood thirsty hoodlums justify their
    names? His name literally translates to ” i trust in god”. How ironic!!

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