Twelve months ago I visited Kigali. I saw,I admired, I smelt and left believing we were on the right course.

The sense of ownership by all I met and discussed issues was impressive.

The average citizen seemed to be informed, well engaged and interested in the affairs of the State.

I am back in Kigali to attend the conference on GOOD GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY. I believe a first in Africa. Those who accuse Rwanda of not being transparent must, after this conference, forever be silent.

A delegate I met from Zambia told me that Rwanda was setting the trend after rising from the ashes of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. He added, ” you have nowhere to go but up because you have been to hell and back.” I concur.

For any government to produce a report card on how its ministries and agencies are functioning is a good tool of good governance. The Ministry of Local Government must be commended. They have given our enemies enough rope to hang themselves.

I would be remiss if I did not, here and now, commend the man who made this conference a success. A dedicated public servant. A patriot: Prof. Shyaka, the Director of Rwanda’s Governing Board. To him I say, keep pushing the bar higher and higher. Failure to do so may prompt early retirement!



  1. Now that you are in Kigali, I will be enjoying your blog even more.
    We in the diaspora need to hear from somebody with boots on the ground.

    It is a testament of confidence, maturity and transparency for the government to be hosting the Conference on good governence and
    democracy. Eat your hearts out to all the ney-sayers.

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