THE DRC QUANDARY : The West stands to gain most.

I am sick and tired of blaming bad governance and lack of discipline in Kinshasa on Rwanda.

The presence of the FDLR in the DRC is Rwanda’s security concern, and if anybody thinks Rwanda will take a neutral stance on this they have it coming.

It is not rocket science to understand the DRC’s insecurity.

As long as there is weak and poor management in Kinshasa there will not be peace in the DRC.

And who stands to gain from the chaos in Kinshasa? Western mineral companies who flourish from lack of management and fiscal control. Insecurity in the country assures their un-checked profits.

Does Rwanda gain from destabilizing the DRC? This is but a smoke-screen by the real culprits: foreigners who operate under the cover of confusion and bad management of State affairs to exploit the DRC’s seemingly endless minerals.

And the DRC’s never-ending tribal rivalries is not helping. The absence of a national vision is the nail in the DRC’s coffin.


One response to “THE DRC QUANDARY : The West stands to gain most.

  1. Dear Willis,
    You hit the nail right on the head. Western mining interests are the biggest beneficiaries of the “failed state” situation in the DRC. But many other culprits also have their snouts deep in the trough. They include NGOs like HRW masquarading as the saviours of the Congolese but for whom the sore that is the Congo is a veritable gift that nevers stops givingo give in terms of fund-raising opportunities and the chance to stroke their oversized egos as makers of history; even if this is at the cost of human misery. All this would not be possible, however, if the Congolese themselves weren’t acting like predators against their own country. One could deal with the assorted foreign predators, but is powerless against those who are determined to destroy their own motherland even as they seek scapegoats for their own forfeiture.

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