Leon Mugesera’s bail appeal has been denied, and rightly so. Mugesera is a sure flight risk. After all, he spent 16 years abusing and misusing the Canadian justice system to avoid being deported to Rwanda.

He is now slowly, but surely learning that he cannot use the same legal tactics in Rwanda.

News from the Kigali Central Prison (AKA 1930) where Mugesera has been housed rent free for six months  is that the former linguistics professor and alleged genocidaire has put on 6 kilos in six months. On his last appearance in court he looked fit and well treated in his smart flamingo-color uniform.

But, listen to this : the man is living it up, being treated like a celebrity, a far cry from his sorry and meagre existence on public welfare in Canada. He gets the following, free at public expense:

1. Free weekly calls to his family and lawyers.

2. Weekly exercise to stay in shape.

3.His breakfast reportedly includes African tea, eggs, fruits and other items the average Rwandan can only dream of.

And yes, he gets to attend Mass on Sundays. This he needs for sure, to atone for his genocidal philosophy expressed in that infamous venomous speech of his in 1992 calling for the extermination of Tutsi.

Now, what will critics of the Rwandan justice system say, having alleged that Mugesera would be mistreated in prison, and he might not receive a fair trial?

For the record : the man must be presumed innocent until his case is heard. Repugnant as he may be because of his genocidal ideology, the law must be respected to accord him his day in court.

I wonder if he has had a chance to meet Ingabire. And how would a conversation between the two go? Inquiring minds wanna know! 


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