THE CITY OF KIGALI : A few minor fixes and changes.

I have travelled far and wide, in Africa, Europe and North America and I have not seen a cleaner City. Kigali is indeed a beautiful and safe city.

The night lights are to behold.

The lawns are manicured, and streets swept daily and constantly.

Fewer cities have pavements for pedestrians.

I am yet to see solar-lit curbsides anywhere I have visited, but Kigali.

But, alas, the following threaten this City among A Thousand Hills;

Monstrous, over-sized billboards that are cropping up all over, unregulated in numbers. I hear a few have come crushing down. Such a public danger.

Too many motorbikes being used as a form of public transportation. Their sheer numbers are a public hazard. Never mind the unsanitary helmets that are required of all passengers.

Immediate attention needs to be paid to the ever-growing number of vehicles on streets that have not been changed or expanded in decades. Let’s not be like Lagos.

But for these, I am in love with Kigali.


One response to “THE CITY OF KIGALI : A few minor fixes and changes.

  1. We who know you, see your happiness, and passion in your writing.Keep it going,

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