If you have been following recent media reports about donors pulling back aid to Rwanda because of alleged involvement in the DRC, you can’t help but notice that this is a plan to curve out Rwanda’s foreign policy.

Again and again we are entertained to similar allegations: Rwanda is supporting rebels trying to destabilize the DRC. But, what is there for Rwanda to gain in all this?

And where is the evidence, other than the assumptions that Kigali has to be supporting indigenous Congolese Tutsi? Hardly enough evidence to convince a jury.

An unstable government in Kinshasa is in the best interests of foreign governments. Don’t forget foreign mining conglomerates.

The U.N. has miserably failed to reign in the FDLR, that marauding bunch of killers with a genocidal philosophy. Rwanda will not keep a blind eye. Our sovereignty is paramount.

Having said all this, at the end of the day it is in the best interests of Rwanda to reasonably and measurably address the donors’ concerns, but not bend to all their whims.



  1. Dear Willis,
    How one can destablise a country that has never been stable is beyond me, but there is a very large and growing cottage industry of Genocide revisionists and rabid Rwanda-haters out there doing their best to come up with a response to that puzzle. I have always believed that when you see a man who is intent on jumping from high heights to commit suicide you put as much distance between you and him as you can to avoid being accused of having pushed him.
    The same seems appropriate with the DRC. Unfortunately the roof is too squeezed and Rwanda has no where to go to put distance between herself and the suicidal DRC. And the worst thing? This huge but dysfunctional behemoth over our western border does not seem to realize it is perched dangerously very close to the edge of an abyss, its attention rivetted only on many self-interested lookers on busy inciting him to jump as they falsely promise to provide him a net to break his deathly fall.

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