In his own mind Rusesabagina probably thinks he is a legend. And to cap that, his paid followers foolishly go along with this absurd notion.

But, that is a topic for another day.

This former cook and apprentice hotelier has of late taken to writing bemusing letters to the U.N., former President Bill Clinton, and then of late, Bill gates.

If you have paid attention, all Rusesabagina’s letters say the same thing: devoted to demonizing his homeland, Rwanda. Nothing good is happening in Rwanda. Women are mistreated and marginalized. Development has come to a standstill. Hutus are persecuted, imprisoned and killed. And the international press dare not report this.

I had vowed to sweep this small man’s absurd writings and tale tales under the carpet. But, today is a slow news day and I feel an uneasy sense of agitation, so I am looking for comic relief.

That Rusesabagina thinks Gates or Clinton will read his tantrums and then act on them is the height of foolishness. But, this man and his cabal of political friends and frustrated exiles have found a stage, however small, to air their patently evil, genocidal philosophy.


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