You can’t help but be proud to be African, or of African descent while watching Africans claim their medals at the London Olympics.

This is probably the only time all Africans feel that sense of kinship, deeply and meaningfully. A time to put our divisive politics aside and show the world what we are made of.

Kudos to Kenya, Ethiopia and Jamaica for putting on a good, resilient show of such magnificent sportsmanship.

Yes, I include Jamaica because they are truly African. Never mind the geography.

Usain Bolt deserves special mention. Watching this lightening bolt peel away from other athletes was amazing, and he sure deserves our accolades. Jamaica owes him a street or other public recognition.

And as for the defection of the Cameroonians, it leaves one wondering. Whatever their reasons, their act soils the Olympics, and Africa specifically.

And the closing of the African Village for non-payment. Shame on us.


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