We are three months away from the general election to vote for a President, and Mitt Romney is still not being Presidential. Simply put, the man is not ready for primetime. Here is why.

The man goes to London and chides the Brits how un-prepared they are hosting the Summer Olympics. By any measure, bad manners to visit someone and tell them what is wrong with their household. The British tabloids had a field day, and rightly so.

Off to Israel Romney goes and declares Jerusalem the rightful capital of Israel – such a diplomatic blunder. What was he thinking?

Then listen to the man’s public speeches on the campaign trail: not a single firm policy conviction on any issue. The man changes his position depending on his audience.

Mitt Romney is more scripted than driven by a passion to serve. I cant wait to see him debate Obama.

Fast forward: Romney goes to the Sikh Temple, in Wisconsin, scene of a massacre to convey his condolences to the Sikh Community, and the man could not tell the difference between “SIKHS” and “SHEIKHS”, as he kept referring to the Sikhs. What are we to make of this?

The thought of Romney meeting Vladmir Putin to discuss nuclear armaments scares me stiff.

I am debating: If, and that is a big IF, Romney wins in November, where should I move to? Cuba or Burkina Faso?

I think NOT!


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