RWANDA: Protecting our National Interests is a priority.

Since September, 2001, the U.S. has invaded Iraq, even though none of the 15 hijackers were Iraqis. Fifteen of them were Saudis, 1 Egyptian and 2 were from UAE.

The alleged weapons of mass destruction that Sadam Hussein was supposed to have was just a lame excuse to justify the invasion. Gen. Colin Powell lost face when he un-ashamedly presented “concrete” evidence at the U.N. And that will haunt him, forever. It tarnished his otherwise impeccable career.

Since 2011, the U.S. has invaded Afghanistan in pursuit of the Taliban, and we were instrumental in bringing down Ghadafi.

Iran is under increasing attacks and is being squeezed by harsh economic sanctions for not towing the line.

In 1994, after the RPF halted the genocide against Tutsi, the former Rwandan genocidal army fled and crossed into the DRC where it continues to be a threat against Rwanda. yet when Rwanda pursues these killers the West is up in arms and accuses Rwanda of interfering and destabilizing the DRC. What a double standard.

True, the U.S. is a super power, but her interests are no more sacred than Rwanda’s, nor is her sovereignty.

For well over 10 years, MONUSCO has been policing the DRC. Why should their blazing failure be blamed on Rwanda? Clearly, lack of good governance and leadership in Kinshasa is to blame, and has served the interests of Western powers and their mineral companies.


One response to “RWANDA: Protecting our National Interests is a priority.

  1. Joan Kakwenzire

    i  love your freedom of speech  and the  way you put your thoughts  across clearly  .


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