AGACIRO FUND : The Pride of a Nation.

Fewer ideas have come out of Kigali that are better than ” The Agaciro Fund.”

I say this : Rwandans perform better when we are pressed or pushed against the wall.

In 1994 when the world watched Rwanda bleed to death, nobody came to our aid. Millions perished, as the U.N. deliberated and debated, ad nauseum. No action was taken, as the world debated whether genocide was taking place. At the end of the day, we took matters into our own hands, and saved a Nation.

How absurd is it that we are still debating whether there was a genocide, in spite of all reports and studies that have detailed one of this Century’s worst crimes against humanity?

But, Rwanda has moved on. The AGACIRO FUND is our way of saying to the world: you can minimize our suffering, but you cannot dictate our destiny.

One and all, we will make a difference to our destination. This is the trademark of who we are. We are a product of historical suffering, and we have chosen to look within our resolve to find solutions to our problems.

AGACIRO FUND, when all is said and done will define who we are as a People – stubborn by nature, determined to define our cause, resolved to shape our destiny.

This Fund beckons all of us: If not now, when? If not us, whom? This much I know: donors cannot break our back.


5 responses to “AGACIRO FUND : The Pride of a Nation.

  1. AgDF ~ The Pride of a Nation! The Pride of a People

    Love it, Thanks!

    You can contribute on-line:@

    Visit website:

    Total contribution as of today: USD 11 million.

  2. No Body can break our aspiration to shaping our destiny, beceause our strength surpasses their threat; and our commitment transcends generations. #AGACIRO is our definition.

  3. Great article as always.  Thank you for keeping us informed.


  4. For those who may have a problem understanding the source from whence springs our strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it is always from our traditions. Perhaps among the most valuable of these, when Rwandans have to deal with incredible adversity, is the culture of “ubutabazi”, or the readiness of every Rwandan, from the King to the mostly lowly citizen and foot soldier, to make the supreme sacrifice if your nation so requires. It is such traditions that have enabled Rwanda to literally rise from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix to record the many impressive strides that are visible for all who wish to see. It is from such a culture that has sprung such solutions as gacaca, ubudehe, umuganda, one-cow-per-family, and now, the Agaciro Fund, to deal with situations and problems that might have paralysed and eventually broken most other people! Komeza Rwanda, uter’imbere.

  5. In spite of incredible adversity, the people of Rwanda have created a foundation for the future success of their country. The Agaciro Fund shows what can be done and should be a lesson for people across the world.

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