RWANDA DAY -2012: The Dream Lives on.

This year again, following the immensely successful Rwanda Day in Chicago last year, Rwandans meet again to reflect on our journey and curve our course.

But, much more than that, we need to tell the world that in spite of incredible obstacles, our resilience has not been weakened, and our eyes are still focused on the prize : building One Nation, One People, bound by a common desire to get away from our tortured history.

Yes, I am sure of this, the usual empty vessels will come to Boston to proclaim their false messages, and their avowed hatred of the Motherland.

We can expect Rudasingwa to show up as the banner carrier of things past, with the old Rwanda flag high on his shoulders, and to cap it all, he may even be displaying Ingabire’s portrait. Poor man has no shame. Agaciro is not a word in his vocabulary.

Former cook Rusesabagina will almost likely be there addressing the ill informed and others with an agenda to demonize Rwanda and deny that Rwanda has made tremendous progress and has moved on.

In spite of all this, there is excitement across these United States and North America, to come, one and all, and say it loud and clear: DUFITE AGACIRO.

And in one loud voice, we will not be deterred to welcome our very own, President Paul Kagame whose vision, determination and leadership keeps many in Paris and Brussels (and God knows where else) awake at night.

And lest there be confusion, Rwanda Day in Boston has nothing to do with AGACIRO FUND. That is yet another endeavor to free ourselves of donors’ dictates. And there is no doubt, many will answer the call.


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