RWANDA’S ENEMIES: No cause – Just mindless venom.

As RWANDA DAY in Boston approaches, we are about to be entertained to venomous and vicious propaganda about Rwanda. Pay it no mind. None of it is based on fact. Simple sour grapes. Regrets that the purveyors of these lies and fabrications can no longer enjoy the fruits of their bad politics. Exile is hell.

I bet on it: our enemies are planning to assemble at the venue of RWANDA DAY, and as in Chicago last year, it will flop. Paid protesters are no match to the resilience of the Rwandan people.

To Rwanda’s enemies, facts don’t matter. Never mind that the economy is flourishing, growing at an annual rate of 8% for the last four years.

Never mind that “BYE BYE NYAKATSI” has transformed the countryside.

Never mind that the zero tolerance policy for RUSWA has put Rwanda into an envious position in the neighborhood.

Never mind that Kigali is the safest City in E. Africa.

We are going to meet in Boston, rain or shine, and we will make our voices heard. We will tell the international community — yes, the very people that watched us get almost wiped off the globe — that our resolve is still intact.

On September 21 -22, the great City of Boston, the City that sent Ted Kennedy to the Senate, time and time again, will be Kagame Country, and a People will salute this man that has for the last 18 years made us walk a little taller.

Come One. Come all. Let’s stand up and be counted.


3 responses to “RWANDA’S ENEMIES: No cause – Just mindless venom.

  1. Very good article

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  2. Michel Rudatsikira

    great article

  3. Well Said, Willis, Great article!

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