RADIO ITAHUKA : Much ado about nothing.

Once in a while, we all have redundant moments when you have nothing to do, and then you look around for things to occupy the mind.

Usually, I pick up a book and read. Watch National Geographic, animal shows. Such natural beauty.

But the other day, thinking about what RNC and the other fringe groups could be planning to disrupt RWANDA DAY, I came up with this:

They are probably busy looking for disgruntled elements to come to disrupt a truly nationalistic get together. There will no doubt be hired Congolese with their usual badly written placards.

They are no doubt scheming and planning to disrupt our get together. Let them try!

They are busy organizing and recruiting Congelese, under the guise that they are Rwandans, to come and make empty protests. Paid, this we know.

They will bring fringe media reps, should I mention Ann Garrison, to make their protests seem belieavable. The woman is a paid empty vessel. She has not even ever been to Rwanda. No wonder she sounds clueless, ever quoting outdated as well as fabricated reports.

RWANDA DAY in Boston will really reveal who we are fighting. Like we did just last year.

To the Gang of Four, I say, BRING IT ON.

I have watched Garrison manage Rusesabagina. Sad to watch. But, the harder they come, the harder they fall.


One response to “RADIO ITAHUKA : Much ado about nothing.

  1. Wil champ, soldier on. We’ll clobber them so big they won’t know what hit them!

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