THE SAKHAROV PRIZE : What a farce.

The little known SAKHAROV PRIZE has decided to award Ingabire, Mushayidi and Ntaganda, among others, their annual award for, bemusingly, fighting for democracy.

This news must have been of some comfort in the confines of 1930 and Muhanga. But it will not free the culprits.

But, should criminality be recognized or rewarded? Or is the Sakharov Committee about to also posthumously award Himmler for his deeds?

And how come they forgot Bagosora?

Little attention should be paid to those who trivialize the genocide against Tutsi. Recognizing those who seek to destabilize Rwanda, insult the survivors of the genocide against Tutsi and spread the double genocide theory is yet another stab at the wounds that are yet to heal.

Sakharov must be turning in his grave


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