I will say this at the risk of saying the obvious, or boring you with calling you to rise up and be counted.

But, together we have come a long way, and together we shall traverse the course ahead with the same determination and resilience that has brought us where we are.

Rwanda has stopped bleeding. Out of ashes we have created a new Star in the middle of the Continent.

Watching Rwanda’s youths, most of whom were not born in Rwanda, and do NOT even speak Kinyarwanda, so excited, so driven about RWANDA DAY reassures me that we are headed in the right direction. We have been to hell and back. The only other way to go is forward. And we will.

To our enemies, those who seek to take us back to the politics of division and ethnicity I say : Un-clench your fists, lay down your PANGAS, and Rwandans will extend a hand of friendship.

Countrymen and mothers of Rwanda, let us make our mark on history. Our time is now. Time waits for no man. And were we to do less, future generations would not forgive us.

We owe it to Rwanda. Ourselves. And to our honor.


One response to “AS WE APPROACH BOSTON: Let’s ponder.

  1. Rwanda is a proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes. Willis your blogs constantly remind us of that fact and we thank you for your commitment and honor to Rwanda

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