CALLS TO ACTION : We are marching to Boston.

A week ago I left San Francisco on a quest to galvanize the Rwandan Community, to answer the Nation’s call. Rwanda Day in Boston beckons all of us.

I am warmed and energized by what I have seen. Our dreams live on, our desires are intact, and our love for Rwanda inspires all of us. I am neither surprised nor taken unaware by the love Rwandans show for the Motherland.

I have stopped in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The excitement is impressive.

In Windsor, I have been sobered by the dedication of our people. Rwandans have responded to President Kagame’s call : ” Let The world see the Rwandan in you wherever you are.” We have, I think, answered, resoundingly.

On to Toronto: you would think war has been declared on Rwanda. I have seen patriotism like never before. Jojo, a ten year old Rwandese boy born in Canada asked me, “Uncle, are you going to Rwanda Day?” I asked why? His answer was powerful enough to make a grown man cry. He said, ” I love Rwanda.”

Must I say more? If we don’t speak up, if we don’t answer the call, the young generation will speak for us, and shame us into action.

The ball is in our court. The time is now.


2 responses to “CALLS TO ACTION : We are marching to Boston.

  1. Marie-Grace Ruzindana

    I was thinking about that song by Ray singing that:I CAN’T STOP LOVING
    YOU,I MADE UP MY MIND…..Even if you gave up thinking about your
    country for personnal reasons,this is the time to remind you that,igihugu,ni
    nk’umubyeyi:umuva mu nda,nawe ntakuve mo.Even les Bigarasha,know

  2. Marie-Grace Ruzindana

    Thank you for sharing this wonderfull thought.As we approach the DAY,we are getting more exctited.As we speak,here i Hamilton,the diaspora is all over the place,finalizing the preps,mobilizing,helping each other to find affordable accomodations,singing,dancing,endless phone calls etc……..
    There is the HEAT in the air!
    I can’y wait to see you i Boston.

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