One cannot help but feel goose bumps as one watches a Nation rise in unison to reclaim it’s dignity and announce to the world that our cause is not, and will never, be in vain.

Plans for RWANDA DAY 2012 in Boston are in place.

Communities across the U.S., Canada and all over Europe are in motion, preparing, once more, to tell Rwanda’s enemies that we are a People to reckon with. If Chicago last year was a booming success, watch us shine and defy the odds in Boston.

This spirit is driven by two things: the belief that every Rwandan’s voice counts and each and everyone of us has the obligation to answer the Nation’s call. Second, Rwanda’s enemies have no just cause to demonize Rwanda’s rise from the abyss of 1994. The blood-soaked valleys and hills have dried. Wounds mended, and the resilience of a People whose spirit refuses to be broken has become the very backbone of the new Rwanda.

Sadly enough the mantra of the opposition is the deeply embedded and venomous hatred of Tutsi. No war has been won based on hatred. No cause has ever triumphed founded on genocidal ideology.

What is expected of us is to forgive and in concert rise up and build a new Rwanda, as One Nation, One People, founded on all that is good and decent, in recognition of those before who paid the ultimate price.

Say it loud, and clear compatriots: DUFITE AGACIRO.


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