If this were not true, it would be funny: Erlinder has sued his former College – William Mitchell College – for firing him when he has a disability: PTSD.

Listen to this, and I am NOT making this up. Erlinder claims that his condition was caused by President Kagame threatening his life when he was housed, rent free, in a Kigali prison for allegedly espousing the double genocide theory and denying the genocide against Tutsi during his botched attempt to defend fellow negationist Ingabire.

When will all this end? Every crime, mishap, condition is caused by Rwanda?

While I am not a medical doctor, looking at Erlinder, reading his diatribes, watching his behavior, I suspected there was a loose screw, somewhere.

Now, Bingo, he tells us he suffers from PTSD, all caused by Kigali.

Stay tuned. Kigali may soon be implicated in the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


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