RWANDA DAY – 2012 : There is no stopping us now.

As momentum gathers for all Rwandans with AGACIRO to gather in Boston and celebrate Rwanda’s resurgence, there is talk of others planning to disrupt a truly Rwandan and unique experience.

They tried in Chicago in 2011 and flopped, miserably. Pay them no attention this year too, and don’t let them slow down this uniquely new Rwandan spirit.

It will NOT be the first time we face obstacles. But as always, the resilience of the Rwandan people will triumph.

The opposition has nothing but hatred fueling their drive. Baseless and wild accusations are the gist of their message. They are stuck in the past and would rather advocate the bankrupted genocidal philosophy that turned our Motherland into killing fields.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: we have been to hell and back, and we have no other place to go but forward.

So, soldier on to Boston. Let us salute our gallant men and women who paid the ultimate price so we can end statelessness.

Come, let us collectively reaffirm our patriotism and pledge that never again shall we let Rwanda bleed.

Look nowhere else but within you for solutions to our problems. If not us, whom? If not now, when?


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