RWANDA DAY – 2012 : A roaring success.

NEVER before, have so many Rwandans come together in unison to express pride in their Nation’s recovery and development as they did this weekend at Rwanda Day in Boston.

Simply put, it was a roaring success, and every Rwandan that made it so should pat themselves on the back.

The two day event declared Boston KAGAME COUNTRY. To see the joy, the pride and confidence of well over 2,500 Rwandans is almost a spiritual experience. From the ashes of 1994, Rwandans have forged an alliance that will be hard to break.

The roof of the Conference Hall at the Westin Hotel almost came down as President Kagame triumphantly walked in to a rousing welcome, as proud Rwandans waved our beautiful flag. It was a moment to behold, and yes, a statement to our detractors, at home and afar, that this momentum cannot be stopped.

Credit must go to our untiring Ambassador James Kimonyo for pulling the Rwandan Diaspora together, as never before. He gives credence to our Foreign Service.

Rwandan-Canadians and Rwandans living in Canada effectively made Rwanda Day the success it was. I salute our High Commissioner, Eda Mukabagwiza, under whose watch Rwandans in Canada have eloquently answered the call. Under her watch, Leon Mugesera became a resident at 1930.

I would be remiss if I did not mention this : the threatened demonstrations by RNC fizzled. Dah !!! Not a surprise at all. A mere 15 paid demonstrators, led by none other than Rudasingwa (who seemingly was trying to take cover) showed up. Their message? As if they have one.

President Kagame in addressing us all called a spade a spade, and left no guess work in the air. But, that deserves a blog of it’s own tomorrow.

Fellow country men and women, I am eternally grateful. We have together walked a long journey. The fruits are beginning to show.

Go on now. You have every right to walk tall. You have answered the Nation’s call. But the work has just begun.



One response to “RWANDA DAY – 2012 : A roaring success.

  1. Nibyo birashimishijye cyane: Mukomeze kwiha agaciro.

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