AGACIRO FUND : President Kagame defines it.

While addressing Rwanda Day this weekend, President Kagame, in simple yet powerful terms re-defined the spirit behind the AGACIRO FUND.

It is NOT a money collecting effort.

It is NOT a fund raising, he said.

It is an IDEAL, HE REMINDED US. A way for Rwandans to come to terms with what hurdles we must overcome, in order to become masters of our own destiny.

Yes, the President reminded us: we need aid, but we must NOT get comfortable with it that we become complacent and dependant.

AGACIRO: self worthiness, pride, belief in that we can define our own destiny. This must be the basis of our drive.

We must assume ownership of what needs to be addressed. A contribution to this Fund, the President reminded us, must NOT be viewed as simply a monetary contribution, but an investment in a worthwhile National cause. A personal statement that says I care, and we collectively take responsibility to what happens to our communities.

AGACIRO FUND not only reminds us of our civic obligations. It says to us all that the future depends on how much we invest in it. We have no choice but to give of ourselves.

A unique, original idea. I can’t resist to add on :Uniquely Rwandan.


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