AGACIRO FUND : Sign of Rwandans’ belief in their government.

Since the launching of this fund, there has been incredible support across the globe from Rwandan Communities. Millions of dollars has been raised. Not in pledges, but hard cash.

The support and enthusiasm shown sends one simple message to Rwanda’s enemies: Rwandans have rejected the old, tired politics of years gone by that have sought to divide Rwandans along ethnic lines, and bad, corrupt politics that in the end landed Rwanda at the gates of hell.

The Fund has not only received spirited support in America and Europe. In African countries Rwandans have amazingly shown un-fettered support. Ten days ago, at the Rwanda Embassy in Tanzania, a cool $79,000 was raised. Rwandans in Kampala rose to the occasion with a cool $100,000 in a single day. Our men in uniform and civilians alike raised $120,000 in Darfur. Rwandans in Belgium added their voice to the call : $180,000.

And have you noticed there has not been a comment from the RNC? Just as their attempted protest fizzled in Boston at RWANDA DAY two weeks ago. When you have no message, that is what you ought to do. Shut up.

Our donors are paying attention to our resilience.


One response to “AGACIRO FUND : Sign of Rwandans’ belief in their government.

  1. This kind of volutary stipend is new to the Rwandese diaspora but it has been used effectively by other communities and churches. Witness what these kinds of contributions have done for the catholic church, the American evangelical churches, the Jewish diaspora, the Ismaili muslims to name a few.

    Used effectively, they can liberate a small country like Rwanda from from the
    tyranny of “donors”.

    The very concept of Agaciro is hard to define or translate to non-Rwadans.
    This is what makes it unique and we should all cherish it.

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