KABUGA JOINS THE RNC: Breaking news.

The RNC has a new member: Paulin Murayi, a leading founder member of the genocide radio RTLM. He has now been put in charge of the disintegrating RNC Belgian chapter.

Murayi is married to Felicien Kabuga’s daughter, Winnie. You suppose they know where the old fugitive is hiding? Take a guess. And what does this un-holy alliance say about the RNC? Not surprising, but it speaks volumes.

Not long ago, Rudasingwa was reported to have visited Belgium to recruit new members and galvanize the cabal. It did not go well. Not many trust the man, we are told, because he has no vision. I say NTAGACIRO AFITE.

In the meantime, members are abandoning the RNC at dizzying speed.

Not only does the RNC lack vision and a message, but they are financially in dire straits. This new alliance with Kabuga’s blood money is an obvious attempt to get badly needed funding to continue their misguided mission.

This marriage of convenience is not new. Fugitive Kabuga’s connections with Karegyeya are well documented. Old man cannot be sleeping well. The noose is getting tighter.


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