As we near the end of the Presidential campaign, racists have declared open season on President Obama.

Yes, racism is alive in 2012 in these United States.

It all begun by questioning the President’s birth certificate as right-wingers, bufoons and the simple-minded pushed the silly idea that Obama was born in Kenya. Simply because his father was Kenyan.

Now, the rotunda former Republican Governor of the State of New Hampshire, John Sununu has taken the attacks to a new low by calling President Obama “lazy”, and “not that bright.”

Never before has an American President been abused and disrespected. And all because of race.

Sununu went on to say that he wishes Obama “would learn how to be an American.” It does not get more racist than that, and it is a damn shame that is how low American politics has come.

As we go around the world meddling in other people’s affairs and dictating how they should run their governments, it behooves us to first clean our own house. This is my opinion, and I approve this message.


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