KOFI ANNAN: His regret about Rwanda is shameful.

After 18 years since the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, the Ghanaian former U.N. Secretary General has offered a lame, shameful excuse why the U.N. did not intervene to halt the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

Speaking on the BBC’s OUTLOOK programme, Annan stated that there was no mandate to take the necessary action, and his powers were limited in his capacity as Head of the U.N. Department for Peace.

If truth be told, Annan’s leadership, before he became Secretary General, and after, was lacking. The man was a spectacular disaster, then and now, the latest being his failure to mediate the Syrian conflict.

Rwanda has to be Annan’s greatest blunder, but here is more:

1. Liberia descended into civil war under his watch.

2.Sierra Leone burst into a bloody mess in like manner.

3. Annan was pretty voiceless when Iraq was invaded.

4. He showed no leadership over Afghanistan, afraid to annoy his American masters.

5. East Timor too was consumed by anarchy, and Annan slept on the wheel.

Annan’s regret, or apology (which I doubt) about his impotence over the genocide against Tutsi is too little, too late. For an African head of the U.N. his legacy will be that of utter failure, incompetence and sheer lack of leadership. History will not be kind to him, and ought not to.



2 responses to “KOFI ANNAN: His regret about Rwanda is shameful.

  1. Well done as always.

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    …Winners never quit and quitters never win… ByVince Lombardi

  2. Like most Rwandans this careerist’s pseudo apology leaves me absolutely cold. It won’t bring back those he so cowardly and callously abandoned to their very painful and summary fates as a sacrifice to his overweening ambition to become the next UN secretary general. I hope their ghosts visit him from time to time even though his ilk never have a conscience to be troubled. My only advice to him, just continue your featherbedding and leave our dead in peace.

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