DESMOND TUTU : A Profile of courage.

At a time when there is scarcity of honesty, courage and a sense of justice, former South African Archibishop Tutu stands out. When most people would take the easier path, Tutu speaks truth to power.

He has been a thorn in President Zuma’s side, calling him to live up to statesmanship. And he has not minced his words criticizing the ANC about its failure to address the plight of poor blacks in South Africa, and failing to live up to Nelson Mandera’s leadership example.

Tutu has without fear criticised Zuma for his periodic marriages, now in his fifth. The Prelate has told Zuma that he is NOT a good example to the youths of South Africa.

Recently, the Archibishop canceled his particpation on a panel because former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair was going to appear. Tutu has called upon the ICC to indict Blair and former U.S. President George W. Bush for invading Iraq under the pretext of chasing weapons of mass destruction.

The man has been a voice of the silent majority. He has not been silent on issues of morality, rampant corruption and dictatorship across the African continent. He calls them as he sees them.

I nominate him for the 2012 Africa’s Man of the Year Award. He has done it the old fashioned way. He has earned it.


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