OBAMA v ROMNEY : Today’s debate may be a game changer

Today Presidebt Obama faces Mitt Romney in their second presidential debate. All eyes are on Obama, hoping that he does better than in the last debate when he was “missing in action”, and seemingly not wanting to be on stage.

The last debate was basically on the economy. Romney has become master at fudging facts and bending the truth. In that debate, fact-checkers say Romney made 28 misrepresentations. If you will, he told that many lies.

It is really hard to debate Romney, because you never know which Romney will show up. The man flip flops and is not ashamed to bend facts and make up his own stories as he goes along. See, he has nothing to lose, while the President does not have the luxury of running away from the bad economy and two wars he inherited from George W. Bush.

Obama’s saving grace tonight is that when it comes to foreign affairs Romney does not have a clue. None at all. And the world is watching. Judging from Romney’s last visit to foreign capitals, the man is not Presidential, and America cannot afford mediocrity in the White House. As much as the American electorate is fuzzy on many national issues, they are not fools, and will see through Mitt Romney’s crafty ways.


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