As I watched the presidential debate last night between President Obama and Mitt Romney, I could not help but wonder why we think our system of government in the U.S. is superior.

We were told that the audience was made up of “un-decided voters.” Come again? Twenty one days from the election and there are un-decided voters? Who are we kidding? What world are they living in that they do not know who they are going to vote for, this close to D-Day?

We know the majority of the black vote will go to Obama. The women vote is for sure tilting towards Obama. The Hispanic vote is for sure Democratic. Does it seem strange that there was but a handful of blacks in the audience? For sure, the audience we saw last night was not representative of America.

Watching Mitt Romney last night debate the Predident was not only infuriating but outright disgusting. His condescending attitude and patronizing demeanor towards the President says much about the man. Never mind his proclivity at making up facts as he goes along. It is hard to know which Romney will show up at the debate. He flip flops more than a yoyo.

Yes, in twenty days we will choose the President of the Free World. But, this election season has created many doubts in my mind as to whether we really deserve to be the policeman of the world. Much is lacking. Until we put our house in order, we have much to be humble about.


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