Rwanda has been overwhelmingly been elected to sit on the U.N. Security Council for the next two years.

By a vote of 148 out of 193 members of the U.N., Rwanda joins this crucial world body. NO OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRY CONTESTED RWANDA’S BID.

Others elected include Argentina, Australia, South Korea and Luxembourg.

The implications of Rwanda’s election cannot be minimized. This is a vote of confidence in our leadership and governance, and President Kagame deserves our admiration and respect for having steered us thus far.

This cannot be good news to our detractors. The DRC made some under the table noises to Rwanda’s bid but it fell on deaf ears. How long can lack of leadership in the DRC be blamed on Rwanda?

Human Rights Watch (HRW) – or HATE RWANDA WICKEDLY – has egg on their face. Philippe Bolopion, UN Director of the New York-based campaign group wimply complained about Rwanda’s election, but nobody is listening. HRW has annoyingly tried to elevate their stature by demonizing our leadership and minimizing our achievements. Who made them boss of us, I ask?

Today is a great day for Rwanda. To our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, under whose office the task of Rwanda’s election fell, I say, JOB WELL DONE. You make us proud.

In spite of attacks from all corners, the truth has prevailed, and Rwanda’s record speaks for itself. Much has been achieved. But, the job just begun.



  1. To our detractors, I say “put that in your pipe and smoke it”.
    I however wonder about the UN. They seem puzzled on how to deal with
    Rwanda. Now that Rwanda is on the security council and our peacekeepers
    still serve, the UN should come out and give credit where its due.

    Given a neighbourhood populated by mismagement and chaos, the UN should give kudos to Rwanda for being well governed and progessive, The
    neighbours should stop playing the blame game and grow up.

    • Good point.
      Blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos. Our detractors are trying hard to distract us from our focus to progress but their efforts are in vain; our records are noticed by many; facts of our achievements speak by themselves; we came from afar there is no turning back.

  2. In fact if the noisy group of Rwanda-haters had in modicum of sense they would realise how much there full-court hysterical campaign of amateurishly transparent fabrications and outright inversions of facts, denigration and sustained smears became critically fatal to their goal. The overwhelming majority of UN member were turned off by attempts by arrogant jumped-up and unaccountable non-state actors in the well-financed and well-connected Western NGOs, their think-tank and media accomplices to usurp members sole prerogative to elect one of their peers. In their illegitimate and publicly announced attempt to make themselves kingmakers, Roth and his associates seriously overestimated their influence and underestimated the resentment they have generated over the years as they have ridden roughshod over sovereign states’ interests. They also mistook their control of the Western media’s message on how to depict Rwanda in the public opinion where that media holds sway to mean that better informed diplomatic agents in New York and back home in those diplomats’ capitals would be swayed by such crude propaganda. in the end their hubristic arrogance met its nemesis, the avenging god of divine justice.
    That said, the way in which the UN secretariat has allowed the UN processes to be hijacked by private parties in their vendetta against a member state in good standing needs and must be investigated. Not to pursue a counter-vendetta against the culprits – even though sanctions are in order- but to ensure that the servant never again presumes to be the master of his employers. It must be noted that the egregious abuse of the UN group of experts process where African members are concerned has reached crisis levels, and behind each instance of such abuse lurks the capture of the UN process by non-elected, opaquely-funded and directed and unaccountable non-state actors who seem to have more privileged access than the UN’s own member states to whom the institution must be solely accountable. This must change and Rwanda should work together with those at the receiving end of these organisations’ virulent campaigns to clip their wings. These pyromaniacs must not be allowed to get hold of petrol and matches to put world security and peace at risk.

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