Reactions to the 8 year sentence just handed down by Rwanda’s High Court to Ingabire for her criminal machinations and espousing double genocide ideology and trivializing the 1994 genocide against Tutsi has been mixed.

Most people are disappointed that Ingabire has been let off so easily. I concur.

Her words and pronouncements were potentially explosive in a country that has just risen from the worst catastrophy of the century. At least they were criminal. Much as Ingabire tried to hide behind freedom of speech, little did she know that nobody has a right to wantonly shout “FIRE” in a crowded theatre.

Ingabire’s journey was misguided from the beginning. Her male accomplices who lacked the balls to go to Kigali sent her there under the guise that a woman could get away with murder. In the meantime they stayed in the comfort of their homes in Paris and Brussels. Some men they are. The international support that was expected to shield Ingabire from her criminal behavior never materialized.

Reacting to the lenient sentence Ingabire has been handed, FDU-INKINGI Coordinator, Nkiko NSENGIMANA, has come out threatening all out war; ” we may soon come forward and try to lead us into the armed struggle in order to hold on or ascend to power.” Such treasonous and childish talk from a grown man.

Ingabire has been fairly tried. Her refusal to participate in her own trial was indeed her right. She made her bed, and now, for the next eight years she will sleep in it.


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