Ingabire’s linient 8-year sentence has left Rwanda’s critics of our justice system speechless, surprised and disorganized.

Not a word from so-called opposition leaders in Paris and Brussels. This gang never expects anything good to come out of Kigali. Now, they have egg on their faces.

Ingabire’s family, while disappointed are relieved. They have seemingly been turned into believers. Ingabire’s oldest daughter, one never lost for words almost endorsed her mother’s conviction and sentence. Even she found the 8 year sentence gracious. I never thought this day would ever come.

Not to change the subject.

Not a word from the usually verbose, bombastic and irrelevant Rudasingwa, and his side-kick, Rusesabagina. Like their opinion counts! A deer staring in headlights looks prettier.

While I am personally disappointed about an 8-year sentence, I can sleep soundly. Rwanda’s justice system is intact.

Fast forward : European justice jurisdictions are verifying what I am saying. This month has been a bonanza, as many fugitives have been apprehended and returned to Kigali. Our justice system is fair, and just. It is transparent.


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