OBAMA WILL BE RE-ELECTED: The future is at stake.

In less than 48 hours, we will be going to the polls to elect the President of the Free World. Never before has an election been this crucial.

As an absentee voter, I have already cast my vote, and yes, I voted for Barack Obama. Mitt Romney is hard to place because he keeps flip-flopping and shifting the goal post. I have not a clue what he stands for, except that his rich friends, those who make a million and above, have much to gain if he is elected.

Obama has, for the most part kept his promises. My only grudge is that he has been weak on Africa. Even George Bush scored better, especially in assisting to combat the scourge of Aids/HIV.

I begrudge Obama for not keeping his promise to close down the Guatanamo prison in Cuba for captured combatants and alleged terrorists. This prison is un-American and puts our justice system to shame.

All in all, Obama has brought the Nation together and bridged the gap between the races. He has given us hope, and can do even better in his second term because he will be his own man. That is the nature of American politics.

Kudos to Bill Clinton : he has been on the campaign trail rallying the masses as only Clinton can do. His political genius is a thing of beauty. This is the man that re-defined the meaning of sex during his Monica Lewinsky debacle. Even my best friend Charles in Calgary was left speechless at Bill’s craftness!

But, we all know why Clinton is so driven: Hillary has her eyes focused on the Presidency in 2016. As a former President, Obama will bring much political capital to bear.

In the words of MSNBC Commentator, the Rev. Al Sharpton, never one short of powerful words, “this election is not about Obama, but your Mama.” Obama is for the masses, while Romney is for his billionaire friends and the corporations.

God forbid were Romney to win. Lord have mercy upon us all.


2 responses to “OBAMA WILL BE RE-ELECTED: The future is at stake.

  1. Aren’t your articles a beauty to gobble up, only so mean on length. But what the heck wirh our verbosity?!!

  2. Sharangabo D'amour

    I, D’amour in Kigali was speechless then. The famous line “it depends what is is” will never burn in hell!

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