OBAMA WINS HANDS DOWN : But democracy gets a black eye.

The people have spoken : by a vote of 303 to Romney’s 206 electoral votes, Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected for another four years, and with almost a margin of a million votes.

Sadly, however, the vote was along racial lines, with a majority of whites voting for flip-flopping Romney. The Hispaniic vote went to Obama, with a whopping 71%. As a block, they have become a voice to reckon with.

Clearly, the voters rejected the Republican message: those who have shall get more, and the rest of us fend for ourselves. Until the GOP becomes inclusive, reaches out to more than white men, they will become irrelevant in an ever racially changing America. The Republican stance on women issues is as old as time, and this cannot continue. This is 2012.

Democracy, however suffered a black eye. The amount of money spent on this election by both parties, $2.2 billion, is simply obscene and does not speak well about the state of democracy in America. The “for sale” sign must come down, for this is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

In a second term the President has a free hand to craft his own policies. He can govern by decree to push through policies that are close and dear to his heart. It remains to be seen if we will see a different Obama, especially on matters affecting Africa. The past four years have been disappointing. May be his African roots will kick in. Time will tell.


5 responses to “OBAMA WINS HANDS DOWN : But democracy gets a black eye.

  1. Congrats Willis. All I do is to keep tweeting these interesting pieces.

  2. As long as the Congress remains intact, there will be no change as we drive off the fiscal cliff. Also, if the majority of whites voted for Romney, he would be President. Nevertheless, the trash talking by the victorious Democrats as begun. If you didn’t vote for Obama, “you’re a racist” is the standard accusation. Compromise doesn’t exist in this country anymore. We are devolving into tribes who will settle for nothing less than total victory-welcome to New Bosnia.

  3. Democracy and Poverty are not ideal bed fellows .Tthe fast growing number of American poor cannot comply with democratic principles that dont put food on the table


    • Oh, really? So, like a spoiled child that throws a temper tantrum unless it gets it’s way, the “poor” don’t have to obey the laws? The main democratic principle is “freedom.” You are free to decide how you will live your life. You can work hard in school, become educated, get a job or start a business and create a life. Or, you can treat school like a joke, remain ignorant and depend on the government to feed and house you. Everyone in this country has an opportunity to better themselves. While some people have a huge advantage, it doesn’t mean that people who don’t have those advantages are doomed to poverty. It means we have to work hard, maybe harder than others. So what? Equal opportunity does not = equal results.

  4. You ignore demographic dynamics at your own peril! Romney paid a high price for that ignorance. Obama’s campaign on the other hand was scientific
    in its calculations. Just like any other business, you have to have good statistics on your customers.

    The Republican party is going the way of the dodo if it doesn’t adjust to these
    mathematical and demographic certainties. Good riddence!!!

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