The day after winning a second term, President Obama went to thank his campaign Dream Team for all the hard work and dedication. The Obama we saw, tears rolling down his cheecks and visibly shaken is the real Obama whose audacity of hope changed America in 2008.

Not that I ever doubted the man’s sincerity and dedication to lifting the Nation out of the mess he was handed. It was reassuring seeing the soft side of the man: a man who cares about his staff, the poor and the millions with no voice.

Compare Obama’s sensitivity to the Republican mean and right-wing policies and you have a winner, and this was not lost on the electorate that have given him a clear mandate.

It was reassuring to see a man speaking from his heart, and whoever said that real men don’t cry or show emotions has fools for friends.

I will take Barack Obama over the flip-flopping,non-commital Mitt Romney who was resoundingly rejected by well over 60 million Americans who got scared of insensitive policies that targeted the poor and less fortunate. Even in the last six years that Romney run for the Presidency, we never knew who the real Romney is. The country will be better off with Romney in his personal house as opposed to the White House.



  1. This is not the time to be mean to Romney . He is hurting and needs time to heal .

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