CIA CHIEF RESIGNS : But spare us the moral BS.

America prides itself on being founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and much of its political life is built on so-called Christian values.

On our money is inscribed ” In God We Trust.”

Political speeches are replete with ” God Bless America.”, and Senate sessions are commenced with a Chaplain’s prayer.

We are so fond of preaching morals to others, forgetting that those who live in glass houses must never throw stones.

Let’s cut to the chase: every time an American official is caught with his pants down, every Dick,Tom and Harry rushes to the media and condemns the moral failings of whoever is caught with their pants down.

Spare me the BS. We are no better than others, and much as we would have the rest of the world believe that this is a Nation built on strong moral principles, there is incriminating evidence everywhere.

Check this out: Abe Lincoln fathered children with his enslaved mistress.

Bill Clinton gave us a new meaning of what it is to have sex during his Lewinsky debacle.

And while Speaker Newt Gingrich was shouting at the top of his voice that Clinton had disgraced his office, he was having an affair with his Secretary, now his wife.

Congressman Henry Hyde, one of the most voiceforous Clinton hunters was discovered to be gay. Not that this a crime. But the double-talk for crying out loud.

Now, a good, decorated and honorable warrior and America’s Chief Spy, Gen. Patraeus, CIA Chief, has resigned because of an alleged marital indiscretion. Well, let me say this: If you are the world’s top spy and you can’t keep your affairs secret, you need to go. I am sorry.

My point is this, however: America’s moral double talk is tiring and dizzying. Much ado about nothing. We do NOT walk the higher moral ground, and never should we be judge and jury over others. Let’s clean our house first.


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