MUGESERA’S LAST STRAWS:A sinking man’s last breath.

Leon Mugesera, the infamous genocide suspect, now a resident at 1930 is playing his old delaying tricks again in his on-going trial.

The man who used and mis-used the Canadian justice system for 16 years to avoid deportation is now asking the High Court to grant him 48 days to study documents concerning his case.

Initially Mugesera asked the court to give him a laptop. And they did. Now he claims he does not know how to use it. Why should the government teach him how to use a computer, as he claims, to best put up his own defence? This is a man who was a University professor, so one would assume that he was familiar with computer technology.

Somebody needs to remind Mugesera that his tricks of manipulating the justice system will not work in Rwanda. It cost the Canadian government $2 million to try him and finally send him to Kigali.

If Mugesera thinks he can manipulate the Rwandan justice system the way he manipulated the Canadian system, he has it coming. Might do him some good to confer with Ingabire to save himself needless dis-comfort.

Justice delayed, is justice denied. Let’s get it over with.


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