THE DRC SAGA : Not Rwanda’s to solve.

As long as there is poor leadership in the DRC, there will never be peace nor tranquility. How lame to blame problems of a sovereign State on another.

By any accounts, President Kabila has no effective control beyond Kinshasa, and as a result, in the provinces war lords have carte blanche to do as they please.

Again and again Rwanda has been accused by so called U.N. “experts” who have not produced any concrete evidence, other than wild and un-founded accusations and innuendos.

But come now: the U.N. has had 6,700 troops in the DRC for a decade, yet when Goma fell the other day, they were mere spectators. Not a shot fired.

And aren’t these the same troops that were accused by U.N. investigators not long ago of rapes of Congolese women — the very people they were supposed to protect?

Then there is the so-called Human Rights Watch(HRW) which has over the years tried to legitimize itself by declaring an all- out war against Rwanda, while alligning themselves openly with Rwanda’s enemies. Why should a private organization be the judge of a sovereign State? Who judges them?

And how silly can the analogy be, that because M23’s leaders are Tutsi they must have the support of Rwanda? In the old days, did anybody accuse West Germany of assisting East Germans in their wicked ways? I think not.


One response to “THE DRC SAGA : Not Rwanda’s to solve.

  1. The Conglese Army Commander has just been imprisoned for selling arms to the rebels and they say Rwanda is supplying them with arms? Come on!

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