UGANDA’S HOMOPHOBIA : Shameful and antiquated.

The Ugandan Parliament is continuing to openly disgrace itself as a Committee of its members has endorsed the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, cowardly dropping the death penalty provision in fear of international reaction.

As the rest of the world seeks to curb all forms of discrimination, Uganda is stuck in ancient times by passing such foolish and discriminatory laws.

Alas! Without shame or fear of bringing scorn on Uganda, the Speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga recently said the bill would be passed as a “Christmas gift” to its advocates.

Ugandans should be up in arms and bring their parliament and government to answer for this incredibly foolish and wreckless negation of human rights. In a country ridden with endemic and systemic corruption, has parliament lost its sense of duty?

In a country where the opposition has become stiffled, and democracy a laughing stock, is this the best the national parliament can come up with?

These are lamentable times in the Pearl of Africa where the drums of the Arab Spring seem to have fallen on deaf ears.


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