KENYA’S ICC BLUES: Kenyatta and Ruto should put country first.

A while back, the International Crimes Court (ICC) at the Hague indicted Kenya’s Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto for crimes against humanity. Ruto did the right thing and resigned as Finance Minister.

Kenyatta says he is innocent of the charges which claim that he directed a militia accused of murder and rape during the violence that killed an estimated 1,220 people and uprooted hundreds of thousands after the disputed 2007 election.

Both men MUST be presumed innocent, until proven otherwise. But, that is not the point.

Now, Kenyatta and Ruto are candidates for President in Kenya’s upcoming elections early 2013.

Kenya’s image is at stake. How can the two men, running for the country’s highest office be under a cloud of suspicion? The statesmanly thing to do for both is to put their personal ambitions aside, clear their names and wait for the next elections. Yes, it is now or never, they are saying. But Kenya’s reputation and good name are paramount.

Both men face five counts including orchestrating murder, rape, forcible transfer and persecution. Yes, they are presumed innocent now. But, were one of them to become President of Kenya in the meantime, then get convicted, what damage would that do to the office?

The honorable thing to do is for both men to take a deep breath, inspect their souls and do the right thing. History will absolve them.


5 responses to “KENYA’S ICC BLUES: Kenyatta and Ruto should put country first.

  1. very concerned kenyan

    Those guys are incapable of understanding what you correctly suggest. They think they own the country and that they have divine rights to rule kenyans, so they will not step aside even if struck by lightening twice as warning! It is up to Kenyans to put them in their rightful place, away from running anything, at the polls in March 2013. And it is up to ICC to deal justice as they see fit on the suspects. And it is up to the government to stop protecting these suspects and let them face justice as they have never before in Kenya under the watchful eye of the international community. And, finally Shalita, they are guilty as charged, we all know that, so lets not beat about the bush!

  2. It should be in all African constitutions that anyone who has been accused, taken arms against his/her citizens should not be allowed to run for any elected office.

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  3. Anytime I hear again about wars in Africa it really saddens me. What a waste of time, lives (meaning human capabilities). The challenge should be how to stop all wars – why can’t we instead put that energy into building highways, state of the art health centers, schools for all those young africans – instead we over load our countries with oversized governments, corrupt politicians that drain all the resources and nothing is left for the middle class or the poor. We need mass investments, growth of 10-15 perc for the next 20 yrs to see a sustainable eradication of poverty – my two cents

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  4. It is with a keen eye that I observe this beautiful country go through its
    growing pains and I agree with all points raised here. I however have my
    issues with the ICC. Is it me or is there an overwhelming bias towards Africa.

    Other non-African countries and politicians have committed human rights related crimes. We all can think of a few but you never hear them mentioned.

  5. Take a leaf from the resounding silence of the global leadership majority who happen to be pragmatic believers in the proven adage: FOLKS WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NEVER THROW STONES !!!!!

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