When day breaks tomorrow, November 29, 2012, Mitt Romney will be getting ready to go to the White House at the invitation of President Obama, for a free lunch.

Yes, you heard me right! Romney, the millionaire businessman will never live in the White House, but tomorrow will be the finale to his 7-year dream of becoming President. A free lunch with the President and a glimpse of the office he will never, ever, occupy. Such a magnanimous gesture by President Obama.

See, Romney has not been a good loser. Soon after conceeding, he started bad-mouthing the President, alleging that Obama had been dolling out gifts to Minorities to vote for him. Such mendacity.

And Republicans in general have not behaved nicely, even after Obama beat Romney, hands down, 332 to 206 electoral votes. A clear resounding mandate to lead us out of the tough times our economy is facing.

Here and there, Republicans are playing all sorts of dirty tricks to make Obama’s life a living hell. Another sore loser, former Presidential candidate, also badly defeated by Obama in 2008, John McCain, is one angry man these days. He is leading the crusade to make sure Ambassador Susan Rice does not get comfirmed to replace Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. Why? Well, the Benghazi debacle is just an excuse. Two competent and dynamic black people in the corridors of power is way too much for Old Man McCain and his band of old white Republican men.



  1. Preach it Brother.

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