PALESTINIAN UN vote : The right thing to do.

By a vote of 138, the U.N. yesterday voted to upgrade the Palestinian status at the United nations.

The General Assembly voted resoundingly to recognise the Palestinians as a non-member observer state. This was long in coming.

While it is merely symbolic, because real progress and eventual statehood for the Palestinians can ONLY come through direct and one-on-one talks with Israel, the world has finally had the courage to take steps to solve the Palestinian question and end Israel’s immoral and un-acceptable occupation and subjugation of the Palestinians.

Palestinians can now take part in UN debates. They can also now join the International Criminal Court (ICC), a worrysome proposition for Israel because now they may have to face potential war crimes charges.

Israel’s right to exist and statehood must be defended at all costs. But, NOT at the expense of the Palestinians.

This latest vote is instructive. The only Western countries to vote against the resolution are the U.S. and Canada. Russia, China, India and Brazil voted in favor. The U.K. and Germany were among 41 nations that abstained.

A step closer to Palestinian statehood? I hope so.


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