STEVE HEGE IS A FDLR SYMPATHISER: Not an expert of any kind.

By proxy, Steve HEGE, so-called U.N. expert on the DRC is an ally of the criminal FDLR composed of former soldiers of the genocidal regime, much as he wants to disguise himself as an un-biased U.N. expert on the on-going conflict in the DRC. As such then, his utterances should be viewed in this light, and dismissed outright.

Hege makes wild and baseless accusations against the government of Rwanda without ever presenting evidence — credible or otherwise.

To say, for instance, that the RPF is responsible for the slaughter of over 300,000 Hutu civilians in the DRC defies all logic and an outright vicious lie, pure utter nonsense, and only real in Hege’s tortured mind as he seeks to curve a career path as a political scientist of sorts.

The man states that the FDLR has a legitimate right to exist, as a defense for the refugees in the DRC. This is the very criminal element that has been labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. State department. Not good enough for Hege.

The FDLR could not, hard as they try, find a better spokesman than Hege.

Hege also takes issue with the Gacaca conviction(s) of former FDLR combatants, arguing that this will deter many others giving up arms and returning to Rwanda. Well, I suppose in Hege’s “expert” mind the guilty should be freed for the sake of …I dont know what.

The FDLR poses no threat to Rwanda, Hege contends. This is partially true, because the FDLR is a rag tag bunch of criminal misfits whose periodic incursions into Rwanda is not a real security threat, but nor should it be easily dismissed. One death of an innocent Rwandan at the hands of the FDLR is one too many.

Clearly, Hege is among many pursuing a vendetta against Rwanda. Their conspiracy to derail Rwanda’s journey to recovery by accusing her of destabilizing the DRC is a sinister plan to keep a tight grip on this poorly governed but mineral-rich country. A policy as old as time.


7 responses to “STEVE HEGE IS A FDLR SYMPATHISER: Not an expert of any kind.

  1. Yvette Rugasaguhunga


    Noone can describe Hege better.

    Thanks a lot

    Have a Wonderful One! *

  2. Do NOT like any of your assorted crew of skunks — however not comfortable with this persistent running down of targeted personalities (instead of focusing upon the objective issues).

    First because this detailed personalisation is merely transforming “small businessmen” into false billionaires, Secondly because conflicts (even verbally) are the largest wasters of economic development and energy conservation.

    You may want to consider adopting the Samoan method where fishermen sing love songs to the sharks — and then kiss those sharks on their ugly snouts (smoooooooch) before yanking the now mesmerised sharks into their kitchen menus.

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