ALOISEA INYUMBA- RIP: The good die young.

The passing away of Aloisea Inyumba, 48, has robbed Rwanda of a decent, hard-working and honest woman whose deeds and integrity will live long after her.

Inyumba was the current Minister of Gender and Family Promotion in the Prime Minister’s Office. But her official title is not what described this quiet and un-assuming woman. She was dedicated to Rwanda to a fault, and her integrity was her badge of honor, in all she did.

I first met Aloisea in 1988, and was impressed by her sense of devotion to the struggle. She was a good listener above all else, and what she did not know, she was not afraid to ask and learn.

During the time when the Diaspora was raising funds to support our war of liberation, nobody was more trusted to handle the funds raised than Aloisea. Her girlish looks, infectious smile exhuded honesty and transparency. She made us all proud, a true and glaring example of all that is beautiful in a Rwandan woman.

Yes, the good die young, the saying goes. But history will be kind to this tenacious and courageous woman who served her country selflessly and with distinction. She gave a good name to Rwanda’s professional women, dedicated to preserving the rights of women and children. But above all, she was a good role model for future generations of young women who seek to make a difference through public service. That was her calling, and when Rwanda needed her, Inyumba rose to the occassion.

She had power through her office, but it never went to her head. She had influence, but used it to better the lives of others. She had grace and used it to serve her country in whatever capacity she was needed. And now, she is gone, but will never be forgotten. At peace with her Maker, and Rwanda is the poorer for it.



4 responses to “ALOISEA INYUMBA- RIP: The good die young.

  1. Amen! You said it all, Willis buddy! Thank you. And May the Graceful Inyumba sit at the right hand of her Maker!

  2. Joan kakwenzire presently in Darkar Senegal

    I am shedding tears as I read your blog . Can’t believe the dignified embodiment of the Rwandan struggle is no more . My heart goes out to Richard and the kids . Needless to say Rwanda will miss her terribly .May her soul rest in eternal peace .

  3. My first introduction to Minister Aloysea Inyumba came from a glowing tribute recorded by Fergal Keane (BBCC journalist) documenting her innovative resilience in raising funds and supplies for the RPF struggle.

    In those days when the movement was outgunned and outnumbered — her candle of hope resolutely inspired many towards the future yet ahead.

    My admiration has since grown with her community initiatives during the post-war years. I have made it a point to quote her opinions at every possible excuse — to make myself look (and sound) equally focused.

    She will be truly missed beyond your borders ……..around the world !!!!!!!!!!

  4. As the saying goes,” God don’t like ugly”, always takes the best and Inyumba was the best of us all, her legacy remains unsurpassed by any. Her spirit stays with us.

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